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NineLeaf HO-207 Socket

NineLeaf HO-207 Socket


USB Port Electric Wall Charger Dock Station SocketPower Outlet Panel Plate


This USB Wall charger is a 14A wallreceptacle,it provide sone standard AC plug wall electrical socket and one USBoutlets for charging Cell Phones, Tablets, GPS, MP3 player, and USB devices etc without using the wall receptacle. Noadapter required. USB socket is suitable for charging most 5V/1A devices,tablet or phone like iPad and iPhone.DualUSB Port Electric Wall Charger Dock Station Socket Power Outlet Panel Plate

This USB Wall charger had through CETL andFCC Certification which will ensure the safety for your family. The USBcharging protection function also can protect your devices.

Product Features

·           100% brand new and high quality

·           Total Outlet1

·           Electrical Rating : 14A 125V AC 60HZ

·           Max. Power Rating : 1200 Watts

·           USB Charger Port : 1 Port

·           USB Electrical Parameter: DC 5V, 1A

·           USB Charging Protected : YES

·           USB Input : 90—250V AC, 47—63HZ

·           USB No-load Power Consumption <0.3A

·           USB Charging Range : Phone, Pad, Pod, PDA, MP3 etc.

·           Working Temperature : -15 °C -- 45°C

·           Certificate: ETL, CETL, FCC.

·           Item size: 4”3/4 * 2”3/4 *3/4”

·        Package includes

·        1x USB Wall Charging Station Socket Adapter USB portPower Outlet