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NineLeaf HO-130 Socket

NineLeaf HO-130 Socket


Outlet SocketAdapter Wall Mount Surge Protector 2-Port USB Wall Charger


This socket adapter offer 2way standard USB ports. which could charging Cell Phones, Tablets,GPS, MP3 player, and USB devices etc.without using the wall receptacle. Noadapter required. USB socket is suitable for charging most 5V/1A devices,tablet or phone like iPad and iPhone. It is perfect for home,office or a professional workstation, you now have additional power with addedsecurity of surge protection.

This outlet socket adapter had through CETL and FCC Certificationwhich will ensure the safety for your family. The USB charging protectionfunction also can protect your devices.

Operating instructions

·           Plug into AC power outlet

·           Plug up to 1 AC powered devices

·           Connect your devices for USB charging

Product Features

·           100% brand new and high quality

·           Total Outlet1

·           AC power input : 15A 125V AC 60HZ

·           AC power output : 15A 125V AC 60HZ

·           AC suppression joule rating:600 joules

·           Surge protective Device Type 3

·           VPR: L-N 1000V,L-G 1000V,N-G 1000V

·           Max spike corrent:30000A

·           USB Charger Port : 2 Port

·           USB power output: DC 5V, 1A(Total)

·           USB Charging Protected : YES

·           USB Charging Range : Phone, Pad, Pod, PDA, MP3 etc.

·           Working Temperature : -15 °C -- 45°C

·           Certificate: ETL, CETL, FCC.

·           Net Weight:3.9 oz

·           Item size: 3”1/4 * 3” * 2”


 The device complies with part 15 of the FCCrules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:(1)this device maynot cause harmful interference, and(2)this device must accept any interferencereceived, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

 Do not install this device if there is notat least 10 meters or more of wire between the electrical outlet and theelectric service panel.

 Not for use with ground-faultcircuit-interrupter receptacles or receptacles with indicator lights orcontrols.

To reducethe risk of fire or electric shock, do not use this device with a receptacle inwhich the slot openings do not align with the blades.

·        Package includes

·        1x Outlets Socket Adapter USB wall charger