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NineLeaf AZE231 Label Tape

NineLeaf AZE231 Label Tape


Black on White Flexible Label Tape Compatible BrotherTZe-231 Tz Tze 231

Compatible for Brother P-TOUCH TZ-231TZe-231 12mm 1/2" LABEL-TAPE BLACK INK 26.2 ft


An exclusive laminated tape process and standard adhesive;

For everyday labeling under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hotand cold environments;

Used in:


SpeciallyFormulated for Bending, Wrapping and flagging

Perfectfor: Audio, Video, Networking, Home Theater

Item: 1pk Brand New Compatible ForBrother TZ-231 TZe-231 P-Touch Label Tape

Colors: Black on White Tape

Length: 8m(26.2ft)

Width: 12mm(0.47")

Printers available:

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